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 Friday,September 20, 2019
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20/12/2012   2012 Torch Carrier and Games Makers

Seahawks members at the 2012 Olympics, see story.

16/10/2012   Seahawks development meet 2013

Seahawks announce their first development meet, see details.

12/10/2012   Seahawks selected for Sussex county team

The following 12 Seahawks members are selected for Sussex county team at inter county championships, Sheffied 21st October.

Yasmin Hooker, Rebecca Lobley, Eleanor Morris, Luke Elliman, Hayley Macpherson, Ellie Williams, Federica Williamson, Josh Pankhurst, Elena Kent, Harry Burnell, Karen Chan and Amy Medlock.

That's 12 out of a team of 24, well done Seahawks!

Andy Lobley is one of the coaches and Lis Hartley is the Team Manager.

22/07/2012   Seahawks quay to success

Seahawks and Crawley SC members Bethany Collins and Luke Elliman produced Top finishes at the Fareham Nomads summer open 21/22 July (the Quays Southampton), Bethany top 12 year and Luke top 13 year old. Bethany and Luke both won 5 Gold medals each.

Gemma Collins made it a successful family day finishing as 4th top girl in the 10 year old age group.

14/07/2012   Beacon SC latest club to join

Momentum is gathering pace as Beacon SC become the latest club to join the Seahawks initiative. Seahawks welcome Beacon SC into training sessions from 1st September.

11/06/2012   SE Regional BAGCAT medalists

Seahawks swimmers finish in top eight of age group (see results). Full news report to follow.

BAGCAT medalists - Joel Thompson, Beth Britton, Kate Windle, Aidan Cannon

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